Holiday Sales from 22nd of December - 7th of January December 16 2017

Yup, it is that time of year again..... we skipped Black Friday this year, too much hassle, but we'll have a 50% DISCOUNT on ALL of our products from December 22nd til January 7th !!! Unfortunately Simon's new aircraft is not ready yet, so you'll have to wait another year to get a discount on that one. You MAY want to buy it sooner though..... *grinning*. More news early next year !

Just type 'christmas' when checking out..... that's your discount code !!!!

We stop distributing via simMarket and Aerosoft December 07 2016

FSAddon Publishing will stop selling its products via third party distributors as of January 1st, 2017 ! That means you will no longer be able to buy our products from simMarket, Aerosoft, Flight1 and other such general webshops. Instead you will find everything we produce on our own (Shopify powered) webshop.

I understand that this may be somewhat of a disappointment to customers who prefer to buy at the large resellers, and we'll probably even lose some customers (and yes, some visibility), but the fact is that I am running all this on my own.
The combination of an ever shrinking FS market, high cost of the third party selling, high workload on all the administration (not the least because of EU tax rules), my 'other' activities (such as moving house and building a place in Italy and other work), (my) age induced slow reduction of energy....... all for a few hundred bucks a month just doesn't justify it anymore.

So instead of spending energy on all that, I'll now focus on my own webshop ONLY, with the added advantage for most authors of earning higher percentages that will offset lower sales because of not being in the big warehouses. (As I do not have any overhead, I charge a lot less for selling products than the competition does. This advantage goes 100% to my authors).

At the same time I have added new payment gateways, assuring safe and industry approved financial transactions, am working on improving server space and download speed, building new installers and also working on more freeware projects. The only exception is our (very modest) sales via Steam and Dovetail Games, currently only Ben Gurion X Airport.

Hoping to see you check our shop and forums regularly, and helping spread the word about the great FSAddon products I'd like to thank you all for being our loyal customers for the past 12 years. And last but not least I'd also like to thank especially simMarket and Aerosoft for their professional help in selling them for all these years.

Kindest regards,

WACO bi-planes and CG-4A Gliders Released Now ! December 02 2016

Yes, folks, here it is ! Simon Smeiman's long-awaited WACO bi-plane collection ! It includes no less than 8 different WACO bi-planes....... AND you get some freebies with it as well ! How about the famous WACO CG-4A WW2 glider !? It is included for FREE for WACO Collection customers. Oh, AND there's a free Willys jeep included too !!

The WACO's modeled (including different cockpits AND a host of animations) are the ATO, CTO, QF2, UPF, YMF-5, YMF-5D Super. And on top of that we have a YMF-5 Floatplane and the famous Jet Waco !!!

Oh, and just in case some people don't like the bi-planes but STILL want the WW2 gliders, we have packaged those separately and are making them available for a really low price. But.... you'll want the FULL PACKAGE of course !

Got to our shop (see tab above) or go directly to the Waco product page (see picture on the right !)

WACO's on final !!! November 08 2016

Yup, we're finally getting ready to publish our new aircraft for FSX (and FSX:SE), the WACO bi-planes. And yes, that's plural. We have not one but SIX DIFFERENT models in this package.

And although there are a few WACO's on the market already, the FSAddon/Smeiman products always excel in variety and superior price/quality setting ! You get 6 VERY DIFFERENT models in this package, including different cockpits, animations and flight characteristics. And some really original animations, of course.

But that's not all ! We also throw in a totally FREE WACO glider for you ! It is the CG4 Waco Assault glider, used in the Second World War at the Normandy landings and elsewhere.
Oh, and you get not one but THREE different versions..... one with 8 troops, one with a Willys jeep and one with an artillery piece.... and all of these with wonderful unloading animations !

We're working hard to finish the manuals and installers...... so stay tuned for a release towards the end of this month !





Long Summer Holiday ! July 17 2016

Sorry folks, but FSAddon (our shop and support) will be 'ON VACATION' from July 1st till August 10th ! We're heading for the States to join our BMW riding friends there in their annual BMW (mainly) motorcycle meet and we just couldn't let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass!

The shop will remain open, but support and 'problem management' will be sketchy. After we return to Holland and later to Italy, all will be business as usual of course. This also means that our new Simon Smeiman aircraft release is delayed..... there's just not enough time left to get it all sorted. But..... it is worth waiting for, so don't despair.

Wishing all of you and your families a wonderful Summer and hope you too get some holiday travel done !

Francois and Nina

Christmas and New Year SALE December 17 2015

As of December 19th up until January 3rd you get a 50% discount on all ORDERS from our shop !

Just type 'christmas' as your discount code on checkout !!

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

The FSAddon Team

Preparing Christmas Sale November 29 2015

Yes, while the Black Friday Tongass sale is coming to an end, we are already working on getting you some great sales during Christmas ! So check back into the shop in December...... !!!





Black Friday Tongass ! November 27 2015

Yup, 13 Euros off Tongass Fjords X for the next few days. Add 'blacktongass' as DISCOUNT CODE on your checkout form and receive a 13 Euros discount ! Offer valid until end of Sunday, Nov 29th, GMT+1.




Back in business October 29 2015

If you're following progress on my little webstore you'll have noticed that quite a few of our products have appeared again, especially in the FSX Aircraft section. YES, thanks to generous donations from many people in the FS community I have been able to hire a more stable (and more expensive) Internet connection here in Italy, allowing me to upload files to the Internet again!

Over the coming months I hope to reload all our commercial and free products again, so the shop can pay for itself again too. Thank you for all your support, and don't forget to check back regularly.

Internet problems and customer loyalty July 29 2015

Yes, we have a MAJOR internet problem. Having moved to rural central Italy we had to give up on our 180 mbps fibre connection to the world. Instead we found ourselves with the (promise of) a mere 10 mbps and 1.5 mbps upload. Still enough to continue business. IF the ISP would deliver. But they don't. So the digital download products FSAddonshop is stuck with a 0.5 mbps upload link via radio to a mountain in the distance. And it is hurting us.

So much so that we cannot upload our products, existing nor new. Not even to other shops ! And we've run out of investment money too.... trying to save some to live here, without a job and without retirement.

My very last option was to BEG for money. I don't like it one bit. In fact, I HATE doing it. But I've run out of practical alternatives. So I put a DONATE button on my website and a page to explain what is going on. And what I would need to get back in business.

And lo and behold, loyal customers from the FS community are responding and sending dollars. Some only a few, others more. We, Nina and especially I, are beyond grateful! I would hate to give up my shop and little company. I've been in this hobby for over 35 years now, and professionally independent for more than 10 years!
And we still have plans and stuff coming !!!

THANK YOU, dear customers, friends and fellow hobby-ists.

Plum Island out of stock July 26 2015

Unfortunately - due to Internet problems - our Plum Island + Piper title is currently out of stock. As soon as I have a solution to uploads from my new place in Italy, I will add it again to the shop... AND all the other download titles we usually produce and sell ! I beg for your patience!


New webshop September 01 2014

The FSAddon webshop you are looking at now is my new shop featuring all our products, download and DVD. In future there may be other products sold here too, all aviation, flightsim and history related of course. Right now I am hard at work to move everything from the old shop to this new one.... not an easy task!

Please check back regularly to see what else I have added ! And meanwhile..... Happy Simming !