Bristol Freighter at Christmas ?? December 13 2019

Yes, dear readers, I am still hoping to release the new Bristol Freighter before Christmas 2019, in spite of all the problems I have had with broken PC's, chronic lack of time, communication delays and more. The software is ready, tested and approved. The documentation is almost ready, working at the last couple pages.

The last bit of hold-up is the Installer. I haven't used the software since 2016 and am struggling with different PC's and file locations to get it all working. Also building the pictures is a bit of an issue currently.

But.... still hopeful and working a shard as I can. The Bristol will come to you in 5 different versions with lots of 'Simon effects' thrown in as usual. It has also been tested on FSX SP2, FSX Steam Edition and on Prepar3D, although on the latter we may still encounter the hiccup or two.

Stay tuned for more news.......