Internet problems and customer loyalty July 29 2015

Yes, we have a MAJOR internet problem. Having moved to rural central Italy we had to give up on our 180 mbps fibre connection to the world. Instead we found ourselves with the (promise of) a mere 10 mbps and 1.5 mbps upload. Still enough to continue business. IF the ISP would deliver. But they don't. So the digital download products FSAddonshop is stuck with a 0.5 mbps upload link via radio to a mountain in the distance. And it is hurting us.

So much so that we cannot upload our products, existing nor new. Not even to other shops ! And we've run out of investment money too.... trying to save some to live here, without a job and without retirement.

My very last option was to BEG for money. I don't like it one bit. In fact, I HATE doing it. But I've run out of practical alternatives. So I put a DONATE button on my website and a page to explain what is going on. And what I would need to get back in business.

And lo and behold, loyal customers from the FS community are responding and sending dollars. Some only a few, others more. We, Nina and especially I, are beyond grateful! I would hate to give up my shop and little company. I've been in this hobby for over 35 years now, and professionally independent for more than 10 years!
And we still have plans and stuff coming !!!

THANK YOU, dear customers, friends and fellow hobby-ists.