65+ Discount

I have ported the 65+ Discount Program from the old shop to this new one. It means that customers who can show that they have reached the respectful age of 65, and are most likely retired, get a 25% discount on ALL of our products.

This is OPTIONAL of course and if you don't want to use the option that's fine too. We can use the money as much as anybody else. But I know there are many customers living on small pensions, so here is our modest way of helping you with the hobby in that case.

Customers who qualify get a 25 % DISCOUNT on all products !

(Underneath each products FEATURES LIST are tick boxes showing IF and for WHICH GROUPS a discount may be available. Please NOTE: you only get a discount for ONE group you are a member of, with 65+ being the primary group).

Here's how it works:

  1. You will need to register as a customer, at the shop.
  2. Next, please send me an email with a photo attached of your 65+ identity card, drivers license or any other form of acceptable proof. (I know this will never be watertight, but I reckon most people in the world are still honest. Yeah, alright, so I'm an idiot).
  3. When I have reviewed your application I will activate your 65+ status. I won't if I am not convinced for one reason or other.
  4. After activation (you receive a reply from me via email) you can select the product(s) of your choice and type the text '65-club' into the discount field that you will see at checkout !
  5. In some cases (Paypal ???) the discount will not show. If that happens, please contact me directly.
  6. Since this is a new shop, you will need to CONTACT ME to get your account in the previous shop re-activated !