About Us

FSAddon Publishing = Francois A. Dumas; long time 'flightsimmer', writer, reviewer, aviation geek and computer guru. I started FSAddon back in 2002, and have been engaged professionally in the flightsim world since 2005. Before that it was just a runaway hobby, ever since 1975.

FSAddon Publishing is also a varying group of enthusiasts and highly skilled developers, building the best Flight Simulator add-ons for you and me. My part of the business is to plan (ask for) projects, do research and documentation, build the installer packages and provide the contacts between the developers and the simmers. This webshop is part of that, but I also run various websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, forums and mailing lists to that purpose.

In an ever changing world and with an ever shrinking FS market AND with new technologies popping up regularly, FSAddon changes too. Hence this all-new webshop, cheaper, leaner and helping our authors.

But with the same excellent service we are so proud of !

Various websites include:

FSAddon Publishing

FSAddon's Support Forums

FSAddon Publishing company information:

Since I officially retired, FSAddon is now a small private venture,
based out of our home in Umbria, Italy.
E-mail: sales@fsaddon.com

Motorcycle Riding Tours in Europe (through www.EuropeRides.com) and several writing, editing and publishing services.