Here is a short list of questions and suggestions that may help you solve YOUR problems, should you have any:

Q. I cannot finish my order. The system throws me back.
A. It seems that some customers have this problem when using the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Please consider trying with either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. This usually solves the problem!

Oh, and don't laugh..... some other users have problems using Firefox and have solved it by switching to Internet Explorer. Go figure !
Q. Why are the US Dollar prices not correct?
A. The shop (and our company) deals in Euros. The US Dollar exchange rates are only changed once a month and serve as 'indicator' only. To know the exact price, please use an exchange rate converter and use it to calculate your US $ rate against the Euro. There can always still be a discrepancy depending on your bank or CC card company policies!

Q. Is Paypal safe?
A. The eternal question. Let me put it this way: it is safer for YOU than it is for ME. People have been known to retract their payment making the developers and me lose money and there is nothing I can do about it. Do you trust banks these days? The alternative is to drop by here in The Netherlands and bring me the money :-)
By the way, you can also use Skrill (a similar service as Paypal), or more safely just transfer the money via your own bank. All banks handle internet access these days and that's just as comfortable as Paypal. Only takes a few days longer for some reason. And of course there's a cost involved, how else did they get so rich !?

Q. I installed my product, but it doesn't work
A. Oddly enough and in spite of my 40+ years experience with flightsims, I do not have all the answers. So please register at our support forum and the original author (or some kind forum visitor) will help you get things working.
Q. I cannot finish the download
A. In spite of the incredible technological progress of the past decades, there are still people out there with less-than-stellar Internet connections, for whatever reason. DAMHIK !
When you cannot seem to finish your download, then please consider using a so-called 'Download Manager'. These are software programs that will start and control downloads, and will CONTINUE an interrupted download from the break-off point. We recommend the program  Free Download Manager. Install and run it, then start the download from our shop.
Q. I keep running out of downloads
A. When using a download manager (as described above) and a VERY bad Internet connection, it may happen that the download manager re-starts VERY often. EACH re-start counts as a download to the shop software. So it may happen that you go OVER the maximum allowed number of downloads.
When that happens, please contact us and we'll reset your download counter so you can try again.
We already have raised the counter on most products to prevent this from happening, but still......
Q. Paypal refuses my credit card, why ?
A. Beats me. I suppose they'll have a (good?) reason for it, but they are not telling us ! There's other ways to pay us, fortunately, see above.