Avro Anson for FSX/P3D


".... At the start of the Second World War, there were 26 RAF squadrons operating the Anson I: 10 with Coastal Command and 16 with Bomber Command. However, by this time, it was obsolete in the roles of bombing and coastal patrol and was being superseded by the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley and Lockheed Hudson (the latter is also available from FSAddon Publishing).

Limited numbers of Ansons continued to serve in operational roles such as coastal patrols and air/sea rescue. Early in the war, an Anson scored a probable hit on a German U-boat. In June 1940, a flight of three Ansons was attacked by nine Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 109s. Remarkably, before the dogfight ended, without losing any of their own, one of the Ansons destroyed two German aircraft and damaged a third.

The aircraft's true role, however, was to train pilots for flying multi-engined bombers such as the Avro Lancaster. The Anson was also used to train the other members of a bomber's aircrew, such as navigators, wireless operators, bomb aimers and air gunners. Postwar, the Anson continued in the training and light transport roles. The last Ansons were withdrawn from RAF service with communications units on 28 June 1968....".

[Source: Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avro_Anson ]

This is Simon Smeiman's rendition of the many Avro Anson models used during WWII and in post war civilian capacity. This package is for FSX (SP2) and consist of a collection of 13 different models plus a little tractor used by ground servicing crew, including the 4 main fuselage shapes the Anson was made of over time. Apart from the very obvious 4 different main shapes, ALL of these models are different! And of course there are as many liveries/skins as well.

Simoon tried to incorporate as many features as possible of the real world aircraft leading to some 2,000+ parts and ± 113,000 polygons. There is also a bag full of animations. Some animations in the model are there solely to make life a little bit easier in the cockpit, therefore not true to the real world aircraft. There are over a 100 animated parts and also a special animation involving the tractor which we think is a first for FSX.

And we have the only existing Anson ON FLOATS incorporated as well

  • both civilian and military models
  • 13 different aircraft models
  • 13 different liveries
  • 1 ground crew with tractor
  • 2000 moving parts
  • 130,000 polygons
  • 100 animated parts

In its lifetime the Anson served with the RAF, the Canadian RCAF and Navy, The New Zealand RNZAF, as AT-20 in the USAAF. A few ended up in the Egyptian Air Force and others at the Royal Afghan Air Force ater 1948.There were many more civilian operators after the war and the Anson was made well into 1952.

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