Ben Gurion Airport V2 FSX


Here is a brand new Ben Gurion X Version 2 for you! David Rosenfeld made a version of Ben Gurion Airport for FS2004 a few years ago, and decided to start anew with his FSX version. And that is what we offer here today: a brand new, fully FSX native version of Ben Gurion Airport, situated near Tel Aviv, Israel.


Additions in Version 2.0

David Rosenfeld on the new version:

Ben Gurion Version 2.0 for FSX is completely overhauled and includes many new additions, caused by the work going on at the airfield in real life! Most of these changes did not exist yet back in January 2011.

The work on the real airport started a week or two before we released the first version and some of its steel under construction will continue for two years. What I did is I finished most of what will be ready in the near future. For example in reality the Runway 03-21 will be extended but as for now they didn't start work on it and it is totally closed and blocked. The 12-30 will be also close for two years !


•    seven  new taxiways, all with:
•    standing signs and taxiway markings
•    taxiway lighting

  • the sides blue light 
  • green in the center
  • red on stops

•    changed most of the ground poly (asphalt with taxiway lines)

•    changed the AFCAD to fit the new taxiways

•    extended the 08 runway

•    and finally drew all this on the photo-real Two Seasons and Night

•    as a bonus I added few important buildings 

Main problem in the first version was with the AI behavior. I think that now has been solved with the change of Runway 8.


This scenery is made specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and was built in order to replace the default Ben Gurion airport scenery provided by Microsoft.

The scenery contains:
- Terminal 3 – with moving jetway - (CTRL-J) and its surrounding parking positions.
- More realistic runways and taxiways.
- Highly detailed buildings, structures and facilities
- Navigation aids and lights, including the new LDA system on runway 30 which allows any kind   of training.
- Photo-realistic ground textures on and around the airport.

Auto-generated buildings and trees appear on the photo-realistic ground, according to the location of the cities. Furthermore, the roads are illuminated during night time, and allow night VFR flying in the vicinity of the airport.

Oliver Pabst has made an AES file available for this airport too, to add even more realism.

Some history:

Ben Gurion airport, which today serves as the entrance and exit gateway of the State of Israel, was established by the British Mandate authorities in the Land of Israel as part of a broad plan to lay down airports in mandate-time (pre-state) Israel.
Since its establishment and to the present day, the airport has served as the main entrance and exit gateway for both the citizens and guests of the State of Israel, and as such bears witness to the history of the State and the main events which formed it.

In 1935 work began on the infrastructure and in April 1937 four concrete runways were completed, each 800m long and 100 m wide.
In 1937, the construction of an aircraft workshop (hangar) was started, in preparation for the Hannibal aircraft which were to arrive from the British “Imperial Airways”. This workshop that was built with the assistance of a German company continues serving El Al's Boeing jets to this very day.

This model was developed with FSX compatible tools, tested and found to be working well with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It also works with Lockheed-Martin's Prepar3D (P3D) but has not been developed for that.

System requirements:

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2/Acceleration)
Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7
Pentium 2 GHz (Duo2Core Intel recommended)
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
256 MB graphic card (larger recommended)
Sound card
Download Size: 150 MB
Installations Size: 240 Mb

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