FenceBuilder Pro


Afraid that trespassers will enter your private little airfield? Or that your virtual cows will seek greener virtual pastures? Or maybe you just want to make the entrance to your airpark look a little friendlier? So you need walls, fences, barbed wire even, or just a low row of flowers!

Don Grovestine's FenceBuilder Pro is now ready to let you do just that and much, much more, in both FS2004 and FSX!!

Heck, you can even build a copy of the Chinese wall if you want to or any other 'row-like' type of object for that matter. And it really 'builds' them. This is not an object placer as so many others. Although, to be brutally honest, it does THAT too! AND it helps you place effect files. Oh yes, and it places SOUNDS as well!

FenceBuilder Pro is one heck of a program for the beginning amateur scenery builder, as well as for the pro's. It will help you be a lot more productive AND you can add your own objects to build all sorts of row-like structure. Think of hedges, rows of lamp posts, railway tracks even. And why not, ski lifts !

So we thought of many names for the product, because it does so many things. Object placement, sound placement, effects placement. And we're even working on further enhancements and expansions.
But really, the one thing it does that NO OTHER software can is BUILD fences and walls that slope to match the terrain.
That's right! It actually makes them HUG THE GROUND!

So you can have a hilly country; your wall will automatically follow the terrain! Your fence will stick to the undulations. And your lamp posts will not float along the road.
Anything you build will stick to the ground, no matter the height and no matter the bumps.

Admittedly, it may be a bit difficult to learn at first. Any program that can DO a lot, usually takes some learning. But we've included a Quick Start Guide that should get you up and running with simple projects. Then you will understand how it all works and gradually let you build more complex projects.

And we have a dedicated Support Forum of course in case you really get stuck!

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