Lysander Secret Operations


6 years of research, planning  and development went into this product.

Lysander Secret Operations depicts the activities of 161 Squadron during WW2, using their Lysanders to drop and pick up secret agents behind enemy lines in occupied France.

With this package you get the still flying Lysander MA-B from the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden in the UK, painted in the colors as it was used back in 1942.

Also included is a model without special long range tank, and 6 liveries.

AND you get an extensive manual, an equally extensive guide with 5 operations to fly, their Landing Zones and as a bonus we have included Jaap van Hees’ Tangmere 1942 airfield.

Lots of goodies in one package and we’ll be releasing additional flights for FREE on our special web site later on.

Check out our Support Forum if you need help.

I also have set up various websites dedicated to World War2, Classic Aviation and associated topics. Due to real life happenings I have not been as productive as planned, but we're still working on getting more scenery designed and published to use the Lysander in.

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