Super Cub X


Following his earlier Super Cub (Top Cub from Cub Crafters) for FS2004, with adapted versions for FSX, Simon Smeiman has now rebuilt this wonderful aircraft as a native FSX model, with many more versions and paint schemes included.

You will get no less than SEVEN different aircraft versions.
The regular wheeled Cub, 2 Cubs with tundra tires (medium and large), an amphibian, one on floats only, a Cub on skis and an aerobatic Cub to top it off.

With these seven Cubs you also get 24 different paint schemes, ranging from military WW2 ones to all sorts of privately flown Cubs of various countries.

The package is huge and very extensive, just below 1 Gig uncompressed. The configurations are PA18 and L-21, all with different main panels, side panels, cockpits, cowls, doors and window vents. In fact, we have included FOUR different basic panels with our collection, Simple, Cluttered with starter, Cluttered with push button starter and Square with key starter and switches.

The model is designed to be operated from the virtual cockpit and there is no 2D cockpit provided. You will be hard pressed to find two Super Cub cockpits that are exactly identical. They are all unique. Some have simple panels with only the most essential flight instruments.
Others have square modern panels. Then there are some with flight instruments cluttered all over the panel and so it goes on. Basically they all have the same functionality (upon availability of switches etc.), and are the same as our previous Cub model.

So let’s show you the basic functions you can find in most of the models, using the schema below

The Piper PA-18 "Super Cub" is a two-seat, single-engine light utility aircraft. It was developed from earlier Piper PA-11 and traces its lineage back through the J-3 to the Taylor E-2 Cub of the 1930's. Three years after it stopped building J-3s, Piper introduced the PA-18 Super Cub.
This design which is also a tandem taildragger with fabric covering but fitted with flaps, an O-290 Lycoming, a 135 hp engine and an electric starter was regarded as the perfection of the J-3 Cub.
Well over 9000 Super Cubs were sold over the years.

Super Cubs are commonly found in roles such as bush flying, banner and glider towing, and other situations in which short field performance is required. These aircraft can take-off in about 400 feet and land in about 300 feet thanks to the huge “barn door size” flaps.

The high-lift wing and powerful engine also made the Super Cub a prime candidate for conversion to either ski or float plane.

Today, the Super Cub is still manufactured as the PA-18 "Top Cub" from Cub Crafters in Yakima, Washington. Many enthusiasts all over the world also tackle it as “home build” projects. Thanks to them we will hopefully see Super Cubs dancing in the clouds for many years to come.

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