TAF Sling 2 package


The Sling 2 is a two seater, single engine, tricycle undercarriage aluminum aircraft with a conventional low wing design, manufactured by The Airplane Factory of Johannesburg, South Africa. The aircraft is based upon the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) CS-VLA (Certification Standard Very Light Aircraft) standard, having a maximum all up weight of 700kg. With only minor modifications to the aircraft and the application of a revised Pilot’s Operating Handbook the Sling may be made to comply with the requirements of the FAA Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category.

Simon Smeiman has again done a marvelous job in copying this modern little aircraft from the real world to our FSX and Prepar3D worlds. As usual it sports a lot of 'Smeiman Animations', up to and including a fully functional emergency parachute !

•    Sliding canopy with lock and sliding rails
•    All control surfaces fully functional
•    Engine cowl hood removable
•    Engine cowl hood inspection doors swing open
•    Detailed propeller with pitching and spinner
•    Landing and taxi lights
•    Navigation lights
•    Undercarriage suspension
•    Detailed panel and 3d animated gauges and switches
•    Cabin air vents
•    Joysticks and rudder pedals
•    Throttle lever, brake lever and parking brake switch
•    Fuel tank selector
•    Passenger and pilot figures can be hidden
•    Ballistic Emergency Parachute with locking safety pin and actuator

•    Detailed cockpit and interior
•    Detailed rivets and panel lines and air scoops
•    Screws, nuts and bolts, fuel caps, fuel drain fittings and mooring eyes
•    Detailed engine
•    Cockpit reflection on interior canopy glass
•    Detailed cowling
•    Detailed wheel spats

The airplane comes in two liveries, a yellow and a red one and has a wonderful modern instrument panel!

But that's not all........

.... Simon has been experimenting with autogyros and he built two of them for testing purposes. We figured we offer them to our faithful group of loyal customers FOR FREE, as a 'thank you' for buying our increasing range of models.

SO you ALSO get the RAF 2000 and the Magni M24 Orion autogyros when buying the Sling 2 !  ENJOY !

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