Tongass Fjords FS2004

€9.99 €19.95

THE ORIGINAL ! Tongass Fjords was made by Holger Sandmann and team after we made Misty Fjords, and is the Mother of Alaska Scenery. Often copied, never equalled.

Tongass Fjords 2004 went 'GOLD' many years ago, when the likes of Orbx didn't even exist yet and is still rated as a TOP FS PRODUCT even today !

Back then we wrote  "......Our BEST title to date without any doubt..... Tongass Fjords covers 70.000 square kilometers of breathtaking Alaskan landscapes between Misty Fjords and Juneau. An area far larger than Switzerland, for instance. Also included are Sitka Airport and town, Petersburg, Wrangel and many more. Airfields, seaplane bases, AI shipping and air traffic.

It has ALL of the REAL landscape's features; exact coastlines, lakes, rivers, mountains..... based on topographical maps of the area. Special textures to show you glaciers, forestry work, gravel beds in the rivers, forest and snow depending on altitude and season, townships etc. All the roads (not that there are many), settlements, towns, with special Landclass files.
And, very important novelty compared to Misty Fjords, there now are airfields, airstrips, settlements, seaplane basis. Some extremely detailed such as Sitka. But Wrangel and Petersburg and many others are now included, thanks to Bill Womack's excellent work !

Did we mention animated shipping, people paddling in kayaks, extensive seaplane AI traffic all over the place?

The new title is completely compatible with Misty Fjords, Freight Dogs, Ultimate Terrain and FSGenesis products !!! .....".

And so it was and so it is. Except that you can now get Tongass Fjords FS2004 at HALF the price. Call us sentimental bush pilots.

NOTE !! There's an UPDATE available from the download section on our website !