WACO CG-4A Assault Glider



This package is NOT NEEDED if you already bought the WACO Collection. All gliders and the jeep are included in the WACO Collection as a free gift!

For those of you who do not want or do not need the WACO bi-planes, we have produced a separate package for the free CG4 Assault Gliders that are included in it. And for all the extra work and cost, we only ask a small 'donation'. But hey, at Euro 4,95, what could go wrong, eh?

2 models, 3 different cargo's

This package includes 4 models for FSX representing the WACO CG4 Assault Glider that was widely used by the Allies during World War 2.

You can fly the airborne troops to their destination, but there is also a model with a Willys Jeep inside (and its two passengers), and even one with a piece of artillery !!

Of course all parts are animated..... and even the loading and unloading sequences are animated !

We have included an extensive manual with this model, showing you how you can CHANGE the default tow plane of FSX into something more appropriate, like the DC-3 / C-47. There are even instructions included how to make the tow plane do MORE than just take off and fly in a straight line !! This will require some careful tinkering, but it CAN be done !!


Simon has also included an 'experimental' that REALLY existed, but wasn't used much as far as we know. It is a CG4 with two propeller engines attached ! The idea of this was to re-use the aircraft by letting it fly out of the landing zone by itself, after discharging its cargo. Or for transporting it to the loading area without needing a tow plane.
Of course this model too has full animations and a motorized cockpit. It flies like an ultralight and is an ideal aircraft to use to admire the scenery below.

And that's still not all !!!

Remember the Willys Jeep you see as cargo in some of the pictures !? Well, it is also included as a DRIVEABLE MODEL.... so you can hop in and go on a recce tour yourself through the FSX countryside!
Although cars never really drive well in FSX, it still is fun driving around and watching some of the scenery objects from up close.

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