WACO Bi-plane Collection


6 different WACO bi-planes

This package includes 6 models for FSX representing some WACO aircraft variants that were developed since the early days up to this current day and age by the WACO Aircraft Corporation. Two more models represent the conversion of a modern variant into a floatplane and a Taperwing model into a “Jet Waco”.

The models differ to each other in many ways, not only in the exterior but also in the interior and instrument panels. They are also all highly animated and detailed.

The models included in this superb collection are the ATO, the CTO, the QF2, the UPF, the (most famous of them all) YMF-5 AND the YMF-5D Super, the YMF-5 floatplane (!) and the very special Jet WACO.

All of the aircraft models have the by now well-known 'Smeiman Animations'. Simon Smeiman, the developer of the models, just loves to add special little touches. So you don't just have opening doors and hatches, but there's also rain covers and storm latches, cockpit animations...... and even a brave barnstormer stunt lady on top of one of the aircraft, waving her arms as you take her up in the sky !!

Simon has provided many different cockpit layouts, as can be found through the wide range of WACO variants in the real world.


As a special surprise we have included our brand new WACO CG4 World War 2 military assault glider FOR FREE !

And not just 1, nope, there are THREE different models...... well... different cargo's to be more precise.
You can choose between a glider with 8 troops, one with a Willys jeep and its 2 occupants ot one with a piece of artillery !

Everything on the CG4 is ANIMATED of course, including the unloading of the troops/cargo !

We have also included instructions on how to change the default (Maule) tow plane of FSX to any plane of your choice........ (that would normally be the Douglas C-47 of course).

And that's still not all !!!

Remember the Willys Jeep you see as cargo in some of the pictures !? Well, it is also included as a DRIVEABLE MODEL.... so you can hop in and go on a recce tour yourself through the FSX countryside!
Although cars never really drive well in FSX, it still is fun driving around and look at some of the scenery objects from up close.

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